Songkhla City Free Tour by Singora Tram Tour

Today, Songkhla have “Singora Tram Tour” that is city free tour in Songkhla City by open-air tram. Singora Tram Tour start from (1) Thammarong Museum / Songkhla National Museum to (2) Songkhla Old Town area and (3) City Pillar Shrine. Then, it go to (4) Chalathat Beach / Tail of The Naga Sculpture, (5) Sculpture and (6) Serpent Naga. After that, (7) Tang Guan Hill is the last point.

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Thailand Tour Guides by Facebook.

Facebook “Tour Guides” provides a video to enjoy in Thailand. “Friends guide friends to amazing places”

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“Sa-Was-Dee” or “Hello” Hatyai Backpackers Hostel.

We just launched Hatyai Backpackers Hostel on 226 NipatUthit 1 Road, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand 1 month ago.

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Singora Tram Tour Schedule
Songkhla City Free Tour by Singora Tram Tour
Hatyai Backpackers Hostel Thumbnail
“Sa-Was-Dee” or “Hello” Hatyai Backpackers Hostel.
Look around Hat Yai Thumbnail
Look around Hat Yai through the “Hat Yai Shift Tilt” video.